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Since gut dysbiosis, fatty liver congestion, mitochondrial dysfunction and hyperinsulinemia are the biggest factors in play when dealing with metabolic dysfunction, we have to focus on normalizing gut health, support reduction of fatty liver congestion, support mitochondrial biogenesis and resting insulin output. How do we do this, by massively reducing carbohydrate intake, ingesting probiotics for microbial balance, consuming the correct fatty acids for mitochondrial support and consuming milk thistle which assists the liver in processing and detoxification. Milk Thistle has shown the potential to reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver disease along with proper diet. We want the body to burn fat and fat only for energy and to do that we cannot give the body any other source of energy. We need the body to digest and utilize fat efficiently for energy. This cannot happen if the liver is sluggish, the mitochondria is dysfunctional and the gut and digestive tract are out of balance. In order to have consistent weight loss every week while on the system we have to keep the body in a 24 hr fat burning stage and this cannot happen without healthy mitochondria, a healthy liver, gut and digestive tract.

The body employs energy from three sources; glycogen, protein and fats. We need to keep the carbohydrate intake to a minimum so there is not enough glycogen available to burn for energy. While on the Protein Pantry system we have you eat our high biological value protein foods and consume the correct fatty acids which in combination spare muscle from being catabolized and curbs hunger. The body will try to catabolize muscle and use it for energy if protein and certain types of fat are not readily available for use of energy. Now that we have made fat the main source of energy readily available for use, the body will remain in a 24 hr fat burning stage.

Having insulin at rest, we are giving the body’s cells a break from insulin. The body will come out of the hyperinsulinemic state, insulin levels will be stabilized and the metabolic dysfunction conditions will begin to normalize. Now the body will be able to come out of its chronic inflammatory state and become alkaline which will create an environment that is conducive for cells to replicate healthy, insulin sensitive cells.

Cellular health is dependent upon the powerhouses of the cells, the mitochondria. The mitochondria is responsible for converting nutrients to energy and supplying that energy to cells. You cannot have a working metabolism without the mitochondria. We have our dieters consume our caprylic acid supplement and a certain amount of real butter daily, while on our system. Caprylic acid is the fat found in high concentration in Coconut Oil. When we isolate this fat into a capsule form, it becomes much more potent. The reason we do this is because research shows that caprylic acid and the type of fat in real butter, (butyrate), stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis. This basically means that caprylic acid and real butter stimulates metabolism. Again, we are supporting the health of cells and their efficiency in burning and utilizing nutrients for energy.

While on the Protein Pantry system, the dieter will consume our high biological value protein foods that are easily digested and utilized for cellular support. Our food is low in carbohydrates and has the optimal amount of protein per serving for proper cellular support. Our food is very convenient for the dieter, taking very little to no time at all in preparing. Our system also includes our very convenient Complete Nutrition Multivitamin. This supplement is comprised of a whole food component, multiple types of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories, milk thistle and dandelion root for liver detox and liver support, a trace mineral component and all the important recommended daily vitamin support. This provides optimal support for healthy cellular replication and repair. We also have our dieters eat a certain amount of vegetables daily, for even more continual cellular support. With the combination of our protein foods, supplements, the consumption of our specific recommended fats & vegetables and the body employing fat for energy, the individuals on our system feel great and are loaded with energy.

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